Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wrong Store?? What The!!!

My clothes are falling off and puddling around my ankles! Good thing I've always had great looking ankles! So it was time to get a new outfit for church as I have to give a presentation tomorrow and didn't want to loose something in front of the congregation - if you get my drift.

So I went to my local "big girls" store and started looking for a new skirt. I was standing there looking through all the merchandise thinking "I know this size is too big for me now, may be this size?" When the sales lady walks up and asks to help.

I explained what I needed and she responds, "What size waist do you have?" I replied, "36" (which was the size of the new jeans I 'bought' at the GW a few weeks ago). Then she says, "Oh, you're in the wrong section. You could probably wear a 16." A 16 IS SHE KIDDING ME - I haven't worn a 16 in probably 15 years!!

Sure enough I wear a 16 and it's almost too big!
YEAH!!!! I'm STILL doing the HAPPY DANCE!!!

Original Post Date: Nov 14, 2009

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