Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Floyd's Island

I was at a recent family gathering where one of the men started showing a video of a Scout trip he'd taken over spring break to a little known place called Floyd's Island.

As we oohh'd and awehed over the beauty of the flora and fauna in the video it dawned on me that reaching Floyd's Island is a lot like reaching our goal weight. It's a beautiful and idyllic trip when viewed from afar, but up close...............oh baby!

Did I mention that Floyd's Island, this beautiful idyllic place, is in the middle of the Okefenokee Swamp? Yep, I said SWAMP! Gators, Skeeters, Snakes and even Bears live on the "island".......... and it's not even a real island, but a "hammock" - an "elevated tract of land rising above the general level of a marshy region" (thank you Did I mention that the only way to get there is by canoe? Did I mention that you have to paddle through gator infested water? - OK I guess you figured when I said swamp that meant gators. Did I mention that there is no electricity, plumbing or other "modern conveniences" (yes, there is a "bio-toilet" for all you eco-people, which by the way the "bio" part is maggots - just a little FYI).

So, here's our analogy of our Trip to Floyd's Island:

Only access in is by canoe - 35 miles round trip

Weight is not lost overnight – it's an ongoing pursuit – and once in, there should be no turning back!

Permits Required

The 5&1 Plan, Eating 6 times a day using only plan approved foods

You pack it in, You pack it out

Open, Shake, Rinse, Repeat

No modern “conveniences”

Lean and Green – it doesn't get any more basic or "old-school" than that!

Alligators, laying in wait

Saboteur's, Nay-sayers, Denigrator

Yellow Flies, worse than mosquitos

Nagging thoughts of self doubt that continually plague us


Sudden unplanned events that throw us off plan

Insect Repellent

Knowledge and understanding of how the plan works, why it works and how you can be successful!

Sun Screen

Planning your meals. Being prepared for meals away from home or in social situations

These Scouts had a once in a lifetime trip. Something they will never forget.
  • It was a lot of hard work on their part, canoeing 35 miles through the swamp is not for the wimpy! There was no one there to bail them out when it got rough or dangerous - and there's no one to bail us out when it gets rough. If it's going to be - it's up to me!
  • The video shows them going in with abandon and glee (oblivious to the rigors ahead) and then coming out dragging their tails - but with the biggest smiles on their faces! They DID IT!! And you can do it too!
So today while you're slogging through the "swamp" just remember how great it will feel when you can also say "I DID IT!!"

Original Post Date: Jun 5, 2010

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