Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Learning on the Journey

As in all journeys nothing goes as planned and it's your ability to adapt that keeps things interesting. A journey allows you to step outside your comfort zone and confront situations that you may find uncomfortable, scary or many times not to our liking.

Some of the things I learned this week are:
  • Stay on Plan - no matter what
    • Think "Follow the Yellow Brick Road"
  • Going off plan can have immediate and painful reprercussions
    • Think "Trip and Fall Down = Very Bad Boo-Boo"
  • People who truly love you will support you
    • Even if they think you're a little whacked (:
  • You'll find support in unexpected ways
    • An aqaintance asks if you're doing MF - they are too! Instant connection and support buddy
And finally ------ NOTHING repeat this NOTHING Tastes as Good as Staying On Plan!

Original Post Date: Aug 31, 2009

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