Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Are You One of the "COOL" Kids?

I didn't have the greatest high school experience. It wasn't bad, but it's not something I want to relive either. I wasn't one of the "In" crowd or even the "wanna-be In" crowd. Maybe it was because I was a band "nerd" or a home ec "geek". I didnt' go to any proms or school dances, but I could sew all my own clothes and cook up a lemon meringue pie to die for! All skills which have served me well over the years.

But now it's fun to find out I really am one of the "COOL" kids here!

C - I CHOOSE to maintain CONTROL

O - I have OWNERSHIP of my body and nobody can tell me what I need

O - I have many eating OPTIONS and they will all lead me to .....

L- being LEAN

So thanks for letting me hang with all you COOL people here! And a special Thanks to my friend Brenda for telling me how COOL it is to be on this journey!

Original Post Date: May 3, 2010

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