Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Rest of The Story

I've been on this journey since April when the **(insert curse here)** doctor told me to loose 80# or die. He told me that "lap band" was my only option - little did he know. So I talked it over with my DH and he suggested I join a popular weight loss program and see how I did (I had done this in the past and was not successful) - so I did. And I continue to go for the accountability.

So here is the story that I sent to my health coach:
I went to "X" last week and posted a very nice loss. At the end of the meeting they gave out awards - I got one BUT, they also announced the total weight loss for the group that week. Knowing they were going to do that I did a quick head count of the group - approx 30 people still in the room (not everyone stays for the meeting - so the number was probably higher). As a GROUP they had lost 30.? pounds that week. Funny thing was that out of that 30# - 5.4 of that WAS MINE!!!! YEAH!!!!!

Here's the rest of the story: In 1 week I lost 25% of the total weight I had lost in 4 1/2 months!!

Original Post Date: Sept 3, 2009

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