Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Doctor Victories

In one of my earlier posts I ranted about my Doctor from H _ _L. Well look who's laughing now! I'm down 28 #'s in 11 weeks with MF, but it gets even better!

It was time to redo my blood work so I dutifully visited the resident vampire and waited for my appointment in great anticipation. TA DAH!!! ALL - repeat that ALL my blood numbers were in the LOW NORMAL RANGE!! And my cardiac risk profile had dropped! SWEET!!

But the best part was when my PA walked in and said, "What have you been doing?". The admitting nurse had commented to her, "I think she was heavier last time she was here." NO DUH!!! Down 39 #'s since the initial conversation with "Doctor Death"!

3 weeks later I'm still doing the HAPPY DANCE............................

Original Post Date: Nov 2, 2009

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