Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Airline Victory

I was invited to fly out to help a friend last weekend and the local airport only uses those little "cigar tube" airplanes - you know the ones - 2 seats on each side of the aisle, gate checked carry-on's and itty, bitty seats squashed together. The bane of any one over the size of 4 if you get my drift.

Since I was flying with her buddy pass I was standby and the flight out was long - had to wait 6 hours between availability after I got bumped, but I was ok. I had pre-packed my meals and had my pack with me along with my shaker cup. Kind of gross rinsing my shaker cup out in the restroom - tried to not think about that. But I was able to stay OP all day. Note to self: chicken rice soup is not a good travel item - no time to let it soak ):

I worked all weekend as the cook for my friends scrapbook retreat - but managed to do pretty well. Had trouble getting all my meals in as I was too busy to think about eating, but was able to make smart choices while surrounded by tons of very non-OP food.

It was on the way home when I was sitting in my little cigar tube seat reflecting on a great weekend and how I'd managed to survive a real world food barage, that I noticed I WASN"T TOUCHING THE ARM RESTS!! NO FREAKING WAY!!!! NO ARM REST DIGGING INTO MY SIDE - NO HANGING OVER INTO THE NEXT GUYS SEAT!! WHOO HOO!!! I sat there grinning the rest of the flight home - well that and wiggling from arm rest to arm rest just to make sure it was real (the guy next to me probably thought I was weird) !

It got even better when I got home and weighed my self the next morning to find that I'd lost 3 more pounds that week! 22 pounds in 5 weeks - added to the 10 I'd lost the previous 4 months and no wonder I fit in the seat!! Got to love it!!!

Original Post Date: Oct 3, 2009

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