Friday, August 13, 2010

Fillet of Elephant

The best way to eat the elephant standing in your path is to cut it up into little pieces
African Proverb

How do you drink like an Elephant? An African elephants drink as much as 50 gallons in a single day. They drink at least once a day and in the wild, though they live in a variety of habitats, from thick jungle to open savannas, they are never far from water.

If an Elephant can drink up to 50 gallons a day, how hard is it to drink our measly 64 oz. (1/2 gallon) of water each day? To me it's like trying to eat an Elephant! It's HUGE and I get very overwhelmed by the thought!

This is our Elephant - the 2 liter or 67 oz bottle - on the right
1 of these a day in addition to our shakes, soups and other meals with water

It's the big Elephant in the room and no one wants to talk about it!

To conquer my Elephant I've discovered my
"Fillet of Elephant"
That small, tender and juicy morsel -
the 8 oz water bottle - on the left

12 swallows and I'm done! 8 of those a day - easy peasy! I can enjoy fillet 8 times a day! And to make it even easier I freeze just a little water in them to make them cool and crisp each time I reach for one. To do that I lay them on their side in the freezer. The ice melts quickly and keep it "just right" as Goldilocks would say - oh, sorry for mixing my proverbs and my fairy tales.

Yes, that's a chocolate shake getting ready to be a "frosty" in a few hours

To spice up your fillet of Elephant, try sparkling water with a twist of lemon or lime. Perrier or my favorite San Pellegrin
o are wonderful served with dinner - it turns a Tuesday ho-hum into to a Tuesday hummy (humming+yummy)! Buy low or zero sodium seltzer or soda water and sugar free syrups like Torani or DiVinci brands. I fill a large glass half full with crushed ice, add a splash of sugar free raspberry syrup and fill with seltzer water and I think I'm in heaven!
No matter how you serve it
you really can

Eat [or in our case] Drink an Elephant!

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