Friday, August 27, 2010

Diet Food vs REAL Food

If given a choice would you rather eat "diet" food or "real" food? I'm asked this questions a lot and it seems like the follow up comment is always, "I could never eat powdered food the rest of my life! I want to eat "REAL" food!". To which I just chuckle to myself and say to them - I understand.

What people don't realize is that majority of the "real" food they are consuming comes to the retailer in the form of powdered food. To give you an example - I was at Fudruckers for dinner (great place to get a good bison burger and salad btw) and noticed that you could buy their rolls pre-made or you could take home a bag of roll "mix" (aka powdered rolls). My son worked in the bakery of a large retail chain and all their "fresh" bread and rolls, cookies, brownies, croissants, etc. were made out of mixes (aka powder) re-hydrated, baked and sold as "fresh baked" to the end consumer. (Silly me - I had visions of those little baking elves carefully measuring out ingredients like I did at home!)

Magically it had become "real" food to the end consumer!
Our little foil packets come to us as "diet" food and magically we can produce "real" food!
It's amazing!!
What's really amazing is that these little foil packets can change your life!

So I thought we'd take a look at a day of "diet" vs "real" food at my house.

Today's Diet Food Menu

5- Foiled packets of Pancakes, Chocolate Pudding, Banana Pudding, Chocolate Shake, Brownie

Today's REAL Foo
d Menu


Chocolate Chip Crepe with warm Syrup

Second Breakfast

Chocolate Frosty


Tropical Punch Slurpee

Second Lunch

Chocolate Cookie "Ice Cream" Sandwich


Raspberry Limeade


Beef Shish Kabab's with Grilled Romain and Green Beans


Banana Pudding with Chocolate Cookie

Gastronomic boredom leads to lots of unhealthy eating.
If you don't make improvisation and experimentation part of your eating life,
you are sure to find yourself in an eating rut.
It's as bad as a romantic rut - losing that spark - and just as likely to get you in trouble!
Mireille Guiliano
French Women Don't Get Fat

So, if you're still licking that shaker cup clean and feeling a little deprived, just scoop the pudding into a fancy glass bowl, get out the silver spoon, sit down at the table and enjoy REAL food!

BTW - I won't tell if you just mix up the brownies and eat the batter (:


  1. Great post. Looks yummy too! I also love the book French Women don't get fat. Such a fun read and very helpful. This week I had fun learning about the differences in French food habits vs. American as we hosted our French Guest. It def. gave me a wake up call to things even I thought were not unhealthy.

  2. Lynn, since I lost 25 lbs on your program, I have learned so much about eating "real" food vs "non-real" What I learned, was the "whole" food I thought was healthy for me was, but I was eating it all the wrong proportions and balance.

    This just makes sense, Lynn! I LOVE the great pictures! And I need to learn how to make the grilled romain! Yum!