Monday, August 23, 2010


With fire alarms blaring at my mom's apartment complex, she
grabbed her favorite bathing suit and ran out.

"A bathing suit?" I said later. "Of all the priceless things
in that apartment, that's what you chose to save?"

"Material things come and go," she said with a shrug. But a
one-piece suit that doesn't make you look fat is impossible
to replace."
(Good Clean Fun)

Isn't that the truth! I know you guys out there are shaking your head but just think of it this way - it's like trying to find a really comfortable easy chair. One's too small, one doesn't have a "lounge" feature, one's too flowery and it's not leather or it's "pleahter" get the picture.

Finding a weight loss program that works and is easy to do is like finding that perfect swimsuit or lounge chair - truly priceless! Once you find it DON'T LET IT GO!! Hang on to it with all your might!

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