Monday, January 17, 2011


A funny thing happened on the way to the operating room!
I had surgery on Friday to repair a torn meniscus in my left knee. Don't know how I injured it, but it was a pain - literally - and it really impacted my daily life - yes I too thought walking was overrated until this happened!! LOL!!

However, I had a really fun NSV [Non Scale Victory] happen while being prepped for the surgery. I had been dressed in my gown that drowned me [NSV #1 - loved that one!], my "lunch lady" hairnet, fuzzy ugly brownish non-skid socks and compression stocking that was a little big [NSV #2] and I was waiting for the doctor to "sign off" on my knee [I had a magic marker "YES" with his initials on the correct leg]. When in walks the doctor who plops down in the chair, looks at me and says,

"I'm SO GLAD you're little!"

I about fell out of my rolly chair!!

It seems his patient before me was a very "large" man. In fact he was so large that the scrub nurse said she was struggling to get him moved on and off the table and the doctor remarked about how hard is was to work on large patients - his words, "It takes a lot out of me!".

Needless to say I drifted off to LaLa Land with a big huge smile on my face!

Some times when we're in the trenches it's hard to see where we've come from. My mental image still has not aligned with my physical image. Others may view me as "little" but I still see myself as the "Big Momma that bakes cookies". And it's only when I have these NSV's that my mental image starts to align. I still fight the scale everyday - it NEVER shows me the "Magic" number I so want to see [stupid scale!] but it does show me my reality. It's only when I put the two together that I can see the "big picture" - where I've been, where I am, and where I will be:

Take a few moments today to thank yourself for fighting the good fight! Thank yourself for staying on plan one more day! Thank yourself for being a blessing to someone else [like my doctor and his nurse] because you loved yourself enough to lose the weight! We can do it - together!

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